Saturday, January 31, 2009

So Tired, again!

Today mostly saw the kids vegging and mommy doing lesson plans, tests and quizzes for the next two weeks and of course the never ending laundry. Daddy found all of our clothes and put them in the new storage area we rented, tomorrow we will run by later in the day to get everything labeled and stacked so I can find things. He also spent some time cleaning out the footers so that hopefully we can pour them this coming week (as long as rain and snow stay away). Today, Marc spent a lot of the morning chatting on his phone. I love hearing him tell the phone his name is "Marcky" and then a few minutes later he will say Marciano - I can't think of the way he says it so I'll have to write it down next time. Okay I got it - Marckyano! It is funny, he is really growing up in the past few weeks and he is very good at expressing himself, but now that he has so many words he actually is adding in baby talk. Go figure! Oh well, I know that will end soon and he'll tell mommy much more than I want to hear. Got to run, I've not been doing great at getting up in the morning anymore and tomorrow is church.

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