Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a blizzard, or not, or yes???

Okay, so the weather man can't decide what we are having for the next few days here. Last night it started snowing and really came down, but from being so warm (50s) it didn't stick to the road. So the good news was we still had off today??? Anyway, now they are calling for a few inches tonight, some more tomorrow and again tomorrow night! Seeing that we haven't had much snow here since moving to VA I find it hard to believe, but if I didn't have to teach I really wouldn't mind. I love to teach, but with being sick and pregnant I would rather be home right now. On another note, I finished up 2 layouts today and they both turned out really nice. As soon as we get some sunlight I will take pictures and post them. I also just finally found the new Fiskar border punch at 2Peas along with some paper I want to use on an invite for a girl party. Quite pleased with that purchase, now hopefully it will hurry up and get here. I have to run, the kids were supposed to be in bed by now, but they are still up. I made a dessert for tonight too, so as soon as the kids are in bed Daddy and I will enjoy! Yum!

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