Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just not enought time/space

I just can't keep up right now, with anything - such a bummer. I've got such great ideas swirling in my head of what I want to create, but between time and space, the ideas are just not happening. Today I did manage to get to school for about 45 minutes and check in on my class; test time tomorrow so shouldn't really need me there. Tracy seems to have caught the flu and I'm not sure about the rest of us; praying we will stay healthy, trying to keep her happy is taking a toll. After coming back from school I got Bug to bed and started laundry - 3 loads later everything is folded and put away (minus the socks of course). I did manage to feed everyone today even though our cabinets are pretty bare - hopefully Mike will get a chance tonight to go to Walmart b/c I've used up pretty much everything. Mike was supposed to spend the day at Dry Valley but of course that didn't happen. I'm trying to really believe our house will get built, but it is really hard. I am so desperate right now to get into a house; some days I'm okay, but lately that hasn't been the case. Talked to my friend Kana today, I really miss getting to do scrappy things with her. I still can't believe I will be missing Inspired! Hopefully next year things will work out and I can get some scrap time in away. I'm really hoping that Get Croppin will be held again, that was probably the best time ever.

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