Monday, June 28, 2010

Still here :)

I am not doing very good at keeping in touch, but I am still very much here. Here is a quick update of everything from March: The house is almost all done and looking great - somehow we need to get it to feel like our home instead of just a house. Michael has tons of work coming in again - as his own business. I am so happy to be back in business for ourselves minus having to do the taxes! I was able to attend Inspired in Concord, NC this year and met a wonderful friend Angie and had a marvelous time! I have been busy playing with all kinds of crafty things ever since that weekend and have so many more plans. School is done and we are home again - so thrilled. I love to teach, but I am so content being a stay at home mom. Anthony has already started 1st grade and is loving it. Tracy has begun 3rd grade and things are going really well so far. Marc is no longer cutting up his books so we are again doing school with him. I've been able to scrap some lately and have updated the side panel with my creations. Some are from Inspired and some have come from my beautiful new scrap room! :) We visited a church on Sunday that meets in the high school here - Victory Restoration; it was really good and might even be were we are able to finally call home after 3 years. As you can see there is tons going on and so much more about to happen - hopefully I can remember to continue to update things here.

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  1. Hope all is well! Everyday life is simply way too busy...I want off the merry-go-round :).