Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking time to rest

"The world never stops rushing you...Don't let others set your agenda. Find your own pace. Slow down. Do less. Listen. Savor. Simplify. Feed your soul. Remove distractions. Create a sanctuary within. Live in grace. The greatest gift you have to give others is you...unhurried and refreshed. Drink deeply from the well of your own life. It passes like a dream."
For Every Mother, by: Janene Woolsey Baadsgaard
I just read this in a blog that I read and it really spoke to me - see I've decided that on Fridays aside from the totally necessary things that I am taking off! For me that is a big thing because I thrive on schedules and accomplishing things, but I am tired. So after doing spelling tests for the week I scrapped and now it is naptime for everyone so I will go rest some more - it is time to enjoy this moment in my life even if it is more than I can handle sometimes. I'll leave you with this layout of my little one resting...

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  1. I love that quote! Thanks for sharing. I think that's one that I need to write down and post in my home so I can be reminded to slow down and enjoy. And I love the pic of the little precious! Miss you! Will chat tomorrow. :)