Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another chance to vote!

I made the top 10 cards at Practical Scrappers!!!  So totally excited and again, thank you everyone!

So, this week was chevrons and stitching.  Let's just say this one almost threw me for a loop and I created and created and created, even turned one in and then Thursday night while I was supposedly sleeping it finally hit me!  So here is what I created...

I thought of baby blankets and the pattern, the soft fuzzy edges and so I distressed all my edges of the chevrons, the hand sewing so I created a flower and stitched on each pink chevron piece, of course you must have a duck and some lace too.  

(You can see this in the April 2012 Cards magazine!)

To vote for me and my card just click on this link,, and click on my name - only one vote this round.  Again, thank you all for all of your help!

In case you were curious here are my other chevron cards...

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