Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A First

So this year has brought a lot of scrapbooking firsts to me - I'm hoping the year continues to bring even more of these neat opportunities! 

One of these firsts was I was asked to be a Featured Artist at Scrapbook News and Review.  I was thrilled at the opportunity, but I was asked to send a tutorial on something; it could be a picture tutorial or a video.  So, I turned to my dear friends at Memorable Seasons (where I am now the DT co-coordinator, another first) for suggestions of what I could give a tutorial about.  Well the one thing that they kept mentioning was my style and use of white space.  As I thought about their comments I had the HUGE brainstorm to not only talk about my style and white space, but to make a video!  Yep, I made a video and posted it to YouTube and everything, I am so very proud of myself.  Course what you don't know is how many times I recorded the thing and what all goofy things I did!  Yikes!

So here is my video, yes it is a first so don't judge it too much, but I hope you enjoy!


  1. Fabulous video Wendy! I love all the layouts you chose to highlight!

  2. This is so AWESOME, Wendy! It's so fun to actually hear your voice. It's very friendly sounding ... and sweet. Totally have to crack up at the 'commotion' in the background, too. Sounds like you have a houseful of busy kiddos.

    WOW! What a collection of layouts ... and I love how you showcase them on the wall above your scrap space! And, you've done a fabulous job sharing the techniques you utilize when creating your amazing pages! I have such a difficult time leaving white space on my own pages. But, if I try your diagonal tip .. or the clustering tip ... maybe I can make it work! Great job with the video peek into your space and a glimpse into your creative mind! You left us wanting MORE!!

  3. Excellent video, Wendy! Your style is gorgeous and so striking. Congratulations on the successes...I know you will have many more!

    And I how did you hang your layouts? Do you tape them? My husband added shelves to my room, so the wire I had with the layouts hanging, had to come down...I like to look took at them, and kind of be inspired by my own work. I miss seeing them!