Friday, October 18, 2013

my boys

Did you ever start a layout and then put it down because it wasn't going anywhere?  I had put this picture of my boys on this journaling card from Elle's Studio and then I stopped, I couldnt figure out where the layout was headed until the other day when this piece of star paper and green were sitting on my desk.  I loved the energy they added to this photo!  I used the Kraft colored chevron paper as a background so that nothing would compete with my bright colors.  My favorite embellishment a trail of stars made using my Martha Stewart punch and a stamp from Scraptastic and a cut from my Cameo!  Instant success, just a few months later.

I love the Cameron collection - the colors are perfect for my boys, but I just got a hold of the Penelope collection, wow, another good one!  I'll share more next week, see you then!


  1. Looks great, sometimes we just need to step away. Hope you're settling in with the new addition, it must be a little crazy at times. Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words on my blog. It meant a lot that you would take the time to bless me today. It's a strange season, but I have complete faith that the One who knows what's best is still in control :) Have a wonderful weekend Wendy xx

  2. I have a few layouts waiting completion like this one... Only, mine seem to sit longer than yours did! Like, not finished at all! Funny thing is I have a Cameron collection unfinished in the pile. Perhaps I'll just send it your way Wendy! I particularly love the sprinkling of stars!