Friday, January 10, 2014

I AM - Teresa Collins and Scraptastic Kit

I don't make resolutions, but I am very much a goal oriented person - I like my checklist for the day/week/month/year!  Here are my goals for 2014, unfortunately none of them are concrete goals which makes it hard for me to realize that I have accomplished things and hence the don't forget, AMAZING!  I can get bogged down in the everyday mundane mommy life and forget that I do have a purpose and I am worth time and effort on my part and my families.

I adore the scribbled paper by AC, but this striped paper was more of what I was looking for, so I grabbed my knife and cut the squiggles out!  Yep, that is all fussy cutting work, lol!  I really do have things that need to get done, but I tried my hand at the scribbles and failed terribly and I really wanted the messy free flowing look, so a girls got to do what a girls got to do!  

Even though I like to organize my life (line things up), my life with 6 kids is quite messy (scribbles), and I often dream of flying away amidst the clouds and stars.  I love gold and glittery and these rub-ons by Chic Tags are perfect!

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  1. This such a pretty layout dear! such an incredible way of noting down the resolutions ..on a layout! thanks for the idea! everything is just so pretty!