Tuesday, January 14, 2014

You Melt my Heart - Elle's Studio

Some of these things are not like the others, can you see what?  :P

Thank goodness we caught this before we had a huge mess!  

I felt the layout needed something on the left side so I tried a notebook border, but I'm not sure that was it either, which do you like better?

This was created for Elle's Studio Sketchy Thursday challenge.


  1. I think I prefer it without the border... Perhaps a few spritzes or flings of mist? Or drawing a circle or two around the printed circles on the left hand side with one on the right to tie them together? Just a thought or two. Love the cut triangles, creates some fun movement against the polka dots.

  2. that is so something that would happen in my house. I think the layout looks terrific. I think I liked it better without the border but that may be personal preference. Either way I love the look of the different triangles and scattered tags. I do think the added stitching on the left bottom side works though.