Tuesday, July 22, 2014

May in Pictures - Bella Blvd

Classic Calendars make the perfect background for an intro page for the month - maybe for your PL book, or maybe in your event book, either way it works perfectly to give a quick glance at your month.

Here's a look at May 2014 - lots of birthdays, beach, Disney, and family!

I think I will have to do this again, I love this view of our month.  I kept most things simple and green with a few pops of red and black for added excitement.


  1. May looks like it was a great month! Love the collage of photos, perfect on that calendar paper!

  2. This is a way cool idea - I like it alot!! Sometimes there is not a major event in a month but in my family's case - a whole bunch of silly pictures!! I like this idea as to what to do with those pics!!!

  3. Love the array of pictures! I wanna do this, too.