Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cricut - Anna Griffin

The last project from the January show was using the Cricut cartridge 
Anna Griffin Bridal and Baby Soirees.

I was assigned the Baby Bib design in purple.

I thought they were so fun so I also used the same cartridge to throw a baby shower for a dear friend.

And that finally completes my projects for the January show.  Course during this time I have been working hard on all the products being shown in the Febraury show so I guess I will be back soon to share some more.


  1. I am always so excited when you share and how fun to see that your talents do range all over the craft spectrum!! This looks LOVELY!!! So cool to see you doing this kind of thing!!

  2. What a wonderful setup! Did you make those cupcakes? They look so delicious!