Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Love This - Hip Kit Club with Crate Paper

I shared this layout on the Hip Kit Club blog on Friday, you can see more details here.

We were enjoying roasting marshmallows at Disney's Beach Club, one of our boys was about to lose their marshmallows so I grabbed them for him.  He wouldn't eat them then and I was left with a handful of sticky fluffy marshmallow!  Gotta love being a Momma!

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  1. Yes - YOU gotta love being a momma - you are so good at it and so good at cherishing it!! Some people take for granted that there kiddos will always be young and that they will remember the good times - but you know how important it is to record the special moments and scrap them for them to see later - I admire you so much!!! When I grow up I wanna be like you!!! (By the way - I think we are probably close to the same age - you are maybe younger, so when I grow down I wanna be like you!!)