Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summertime Happy Place - Process Video | Cocoa Daisy

Do you ever get stumped with the 12x12 papers that already have a scene created on them?  How do you go about telling your story when the page already tells a story?  Well, join me as I share some tips on making your paper work for you!  

On this paper, the wave design filled the paper and it was gorgeous, but I wanted to tell my story...  So I like to make my paper work for me, to do that I chose some pictures that fit the theme of the paper and then I built my pictures into the paper.  I didn't fight the waves, instead I joined in!  I chose my color palette from what was already established and I chose to nestle my photo block into the less decorated area of the page.  This allowed the waves to wash over my pictures and give a pleasing flow to the page.

To further the seamless transition from what I had built to the page, I used the exclusive ink pad and stencil to add in the seaweed on and around my photo block.

Some splatters with the spray ink and the addition of the sequins and enamel dots gave the tangible feel of the spray on your face from the waves.

I chose to really make my title pop out of the page by totally ignoring the color/feel of the paper and I brought in a leftover title from May's kit.

Thanks so much for joining me today, I hope you are inspired to make your paper work for you!

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