Tuesday, January 20, 2009

44th President

Well as of a few minutes after noon we have a new president, the 44th president of the US. Tracy was at school watching with her class, the boys and I were home having lunch and watching, Mike was at the lodge watching; so we all watched history being made. We woke to Dunkin Donuts this am as Daddy was doing airport runs for the conference this past weekend. Then later today, Daddy brought home an expedition - maroon with tan the old style I wanted. Big day for us, tomorrow brings settlement for the construction loan. We found out today that we had to self fund the loan, only what we've shoveled out will be loaned back to us. So we will see what tomorrow brings, I can say this tomorrow and the transactions are being bathed in prayer so that we use wisdom and do what the Lord has planned for us.

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