Monday, January 19, 2009

Not like I planned

I should be used to that line, it seems to be the story of my life! Our day as a family had a few others involved as we woke up to about an 1" of snow, which of course meant Mike had to go shovel and salt sidewalks. That didn't last too long, but then the electrician showed up and out he went again. We finally left the apartment at 11, but then didn't really have a game plan. My only hope for the day was Dunkin Donuts, but we never made it. We tried 5 fat guys (burger place in Blacksburg) for lunch which had a great hot dog and then I was tired and it was nap time. Mike dropped the kids and I off at home to get naps while he went and got groceries. By the time everyone was done napping and Daddy made it home, it just seemed to late to get donuts. I think donuts is a Saturday thing - it really just seemed like too much of a hassle, especially when it was really just to get a smoothie! I did manage to finish up my lesson plans for the next 2 weeks which will make things easier for school. The weather is calling for snow again tonight/tomorrow so we will see what happens with that. Supposedly Friday is going to be 50s again; what a change from the kids playing in the snow today.

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