Saturday, January 17, 2009

It is cold!

How does 1 below 0 sound? Supposedly we hit that last night and even got to 6 below 0, crazy weather! Most things here on campus froze and so Mike has spent most of the day getting everything working again. I do hope that someday we will be a normal family again without everyone else dictating our every breath. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Kabuki's tonight, even took a chance and brought the kids. They didn't freak out when the fire shot up (although they were sitting almost on top of me) and enjoyed eating with their chopsticks. Anthony decided he likes shrimp, a lot, Marc likes the rice, and Tracy ate salad and steak. Quite a nice dinner, I enjoy the food there so much.
I am quite worn out with the day so I am heading to bed. Wonder what the weather will be tomorrow?

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