Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snowball fight

Today was such a good day! We had an hour delay to start the day off with, which allowed me to sleep in. The kids wanted to go to school early so Mike took them over and I got ready then. Marc did "bubbles in the potty" again today so we bought some pull-ups for him (a little easier than those diapers). After teaching my one class for the day, the boys bundled up and headed out with daddy to play in the snow. I joined them after getting lunches made and such. After getting so much rest the past few days with the snow days I actually even joined in a snowball fight with the boys and Daddy. We had a wonderful time playing! :) It is still too cold and muddy for Daddy to be at Tractor Home bump so we enjoyed having him with us again tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to warm up so we might be back on our own, but today was really nice!

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