Friday, March 13, 2009

Someone is wound up...

And that someone would be Marc! Since he is well I let him stay up a little longer with mommy and daddy he is still going strong 1 hour later! Now what do I do??? I guess he doesn't get enough mommy/daddy time and is really soaking it up. I thought he needed time to play with his new "pee-pee" prize since it had sounds and would wake up Anthony but this is too much. Besides that; Tracy is still throwing up, but only when she gets herself worked up and then can't stop coughing. I've got to find a cough medicine that the kids can keep down b/c nothing is working. I tried cough drops wit her and that was like fighting a major battle. Anthony had a fever again tonight, but not as bad as last night so hopefully he can just sleep it off. Hopefully tomorrow will go better with the kids and everyone will feel better. I am getting a little weary of this, but I am enjoying my rest time. Hopefully I remember that I still need to get lesson plans together for the week, I seem to think that I am on a vacation or something!

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