Monday, March 16, 2009


Kids are in bed and Mike is getting groceries for us - finally a quiet moment and I am bored! Go figure! With such a small living space, even though I don't like it, I've gotten very used to sound/commotion at all times. Anymore the only peace I get is in the shower - I've found that 15 minutes can be very useful for devotions! When I think about having a real home again I wonder if we will know how to act, what will each one of us do? I can see Marc running everywhere, Tracy will go to her room and "create", Anthony will probably also go to his room and finally be alone. What will I do? Hmm... I will probably putter around rearranging things and organizing and touching all of the pretty things that have been packed away for two years now. Yesterday was actually 2 years from the date of our settlement and when we left PA - it makes me very emotional to even think about that. I'm not sorry by any means b/c I still very much believe in the destiny the Lord has planned for us, but I've learned in the past two years that it is a road to destiny. It can be smooth at times and bumpy at others. Sometimes you are so tired you can't go on. Most of the time it is very lonely. Your always meeting people, but you must continue on leaving friends behind. It is something that causes you to get up everyday and go again b/c you have a road that you must travel - it is what you have been trained to do. You learn perserverance. You grow stronger each and every day. Unexpected curves and turns appear in your road, valleys and dips seemingly leading you away from where you thought you were going. But there are 2 choices and each must choose for themselves: to believe in the destiny the Lord has for you no matter what and finish the race or give up, live a nice life, but never follow your heartbeat which will in time cause your heart to stop beating b/c you have ignored your maker's call. Michael and I have chosen to continue on our road to destiny no matter what happens. We can't ignore the heartbeat that the Lord has placed in us; we might hestitate and stumble, but we won't quit. We are more than overcomers and will fight a good fight, we will finish this race! As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.

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