Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally, sunshine!

Today was a beautiful day and it really got warm by the afternoon! It was so nice to see the sun again, I really hope the rain stays away for some time b/c I've had enough of it!
We still were all pretty worn out with school, but it went better. The kids went back to their classes minus PE and made it. I think we will try the same again tomorrow.
I had a dr's appt today; I can't imagine how big this baby must be. I'm still measuring large - about 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Also, at 30 weeks the baby was just shy of 4lbs and on the chart in the dr's office a baby at 7 months is weighing about 2-2.5lbs! The dr mentioned today that if it looked like the baby was too big we could be induced, but I plan on sticking it out. Childbirth is so much easier when it is time - maybe this one will come on time (yeah right).
The kids and I took Bug to dance this evening and then had cheesy roll-ups from Taco Bell for dinner - talk about heartburn city! Ouch! Mike is working on the basement, still, and he took his big lights along so even though it is dark and almost 9pm I'm thinking he won't be home for awhile.
Here's some layouts I did lately (First Grade memories and wall hanging were for SD4U and Oh Toodles was for Inspired Blueprints):

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  1. Hey Wendy,

    Glad to hear of the warm weather! We are getting it also. I love the flower frames of the family!