Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We are germ free!

Yesterday I panicked b/c I thought Marc wasn't getting better - took him to the dr. Of course, there was nothing that could be done b/c it was the flu, duh! So, Buggie and I got out the olive oil and dosed Marc down and prayed - he slept last night! Today, minus still being conjested and tired he is completely well! Thank you Jesus, b/c I couldn't handle anymore I don't think. I am excited to have my bed back to the 2 of us and Marc back in his own and my night to myself. Course, now him and Bruiser are talking up a storm, I guess Marc isn't tired now. :( Mike has been at Dry Valley all day as he worked late last night here on campus. It is funny how your perspective changes depending on the view. Depending on which side you are on the house looks huge or just good sized. When you walk inside the basement you feel even more confused. One room looks much larger than I thought it was supposed to be while others look smaller. Guess we will see when it is done. Our basement is scaffel high now and fast approaching being done. Mike and I spent most of Sunday afternoon making sure the Timber Truss had everything where it was supposed to be so the walls could be built. Tomorrow is supposed to bring some cool weather again (40s) and rain, I am hoping that changes. I think this is probably the wettest SW VA has ever been and it is driving me nuts. It has been nice taking the kids outside each night for a little while so we will see what we can find to do tomorrow instead.

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