Friday, April 3, 2009

We've been busy...

I'm not sure doing what, but we've been busy. Finally done the week and next week is a short work week which I am very thankful for. Marc got to go to class with Bruiser again today; he has waited all week for another chance to go. He has a wonderful time and Bruiser takes such good care of him - his big protector, but Marc goes berserck when I bring him home b/c he is soooo tired! I am very thankful to Anthony's teachers for the break that it gives me! Here is a layout and project that I completed for the Urban Anthology dt challenge. I stopped at Tuesday Morning hoping I'd find some of the goodies that others have mentioned finding, they have the AC albums and remark stickers - unfortunately mine doesn't have anything. I think I've been in TM 2xs in my life, not real impressed, but it was worth the try.

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  1. You sure have been busy scrapping. I like the house photo!!!