Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cha cha changes!

Since I last wrote here at my blog things have CHANGED and so much for the better!
Vincenzo Michael Antenucci arrived on May 5th, 8lbs 11ozs, 20.5in - he actually arrived 2 days early which is incredible for us. His delivery was not the smoothest though, actually the worst I've had out of 4. But he is here safe and sound and he is a joy to have apart of our family. He loves to eat and is growing so very fast, he is sleeping about 7 hours each night which is a dream, he doesn't like to nap but usually will nap from 1-3 like the other kids so I actually have a few hours free. My mom came down the first week to help which was a blessing as my body didn't seem to feel a need to get back together. I am finally feeling much better and already back to my pre-pregnancy weight (which wasn't that good) - now to lose another 20lbs!
We no longer live in Apt 14B! We live in a house overlooking campus: 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and plenty of room for us to spread out and even to get all of our stuff out of storage. We moved in on my birthday, May 29th just as the Lord had promised - I thought we'd be moving into our "tractor home bump" house, but that is still progressing, but the Lord made a way. I am thrilled to finally be at home again and have managed to get right back into a normal life. I was worried that after the 2+ years in the apartment I would have forgotten my homemaking skills, but they did come right back. Each day, I manage to go through a few boxes in my attempt to resort everything before we move to our home. We had filled a 3 car garage up with all of the boxes and I am pleased to announce I've gotten in consolidated to about 2 maybe a little less already. My plan is to clean and sort everything before moving into the new house so that when we move I will know where to put everything and we can move right in.
I've turned 32 since my last post here; nothing new there. Mike is taking me to Chantilly for the GASC later this month as a present, plus Mike considers the house my birthday present - although I disagree I'm too happy to argue.
Our house is really coming along now, but I still have no idea how long it will take to finish. The rain continues to pour down in this area so our progress is still slow. But at the moment we have a completely framed first floor and the second should begin tomorrow. I now know how to use pictures that I took with my phone so hopefully I can get some loaded very soon.
Vinny is grumpy tonight, the kids are at Bible School, my parents just arrived today to help with the house so I had better run and get some stuff done!
Here is the back of the first floor.

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