Saturday, October 10, 2009

Try Again...

I thought I was back on track when I made my last entry, but I guess that didn't hold. :) I can't promise I can keep this up - I look back and the past few weeks/months seem like such a blur. So many things have happened and yet so little newsworthy it seems. Yesterday was our 10 year anniversary - I still can't believe 10 years have flown by; 4 houses later and 4 babies later. We had a babysitter last night so Mike and I headed out with Vinny to Toys R Us and the mall. Yes, we spent half of our adult free time shopping for our kids - how pitiful is that! We went to the mall to look at the jewelry stores; Mike wanted to buy me some jewelry, but the item he picked was too flashy for me and instead I ended up with nothing. Should have kept my mouth shut! He said I could still look and when I found something I really wanted then we'd go buy it, made me feel a little better when I heard that. Kids have been sick with first a cold for the past 4 weeks and now a tummy thing. I've been struggling with my eyes and a cold too. I think a lot of it is we are all so tired, this house building is draining.

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  1. Happy (belated) Anniversary Wendy! Sounds like you two had a good time (not pathetic. we do the same thing! must come with the territory.) I can't wait to find out what you decide as far as jewelry goes. You should let him spoil you. With 4 kids, you totally deserve it! :D