Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally went to the dr's - yuck!

So I finally went and had my eyes checked today; I don't think I've gone in 3 years! Ouch! The outcome was a lot better than I had been thinking - dry eyes! So okay I'll use some drops can I please have some more contacts? NO! What! So that just about describes my appt. I have to go back in 2 weeks after using tons of different drops in my eyes to see if they are better then they will give me my new contacts. I can't believe I am stuck in my glasses for 2 more weeks. I do have to stop wearing them so much, but supposedly if I behave for the next few weeks then my eyes are fine - just needed a rest. Mom and Dad arrived today for their trip with Grammy and Grandaddy so we spent some time together this evening. Mom watched the kids for me while I ran and got groceries. It was so nice not having to try and watch the kids plus get the groceries; I was able to really do a good shop so hopefully that will hold us for awhile. Tomorrow is the pumpkin patch (Marc calls it pumpkin coach?) and Mike is coming along - I have to go pick out some coordinating outfits so that I can get some good pictures to scrap! Yes I am sick, but I so enjoy scrapbooking. :) Until then...

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