Saturday, February 20, 2010

And the deadline looms...

So we have one week left until we are supposed to move from Lubna Drive to Dry Valley. So much remains to be done at both houses. I have so many more things to pack and then somehow get loaded onto the truck. And Michael has SO much more to do on the house... I'm trying hard not to panic about what we will do, but that is a hard one. I'm very excited to be moving into our own home and one that Michael has built but the reality hasn't quite sunk in yet. It is gorgeous though, I can't wait to show you. I found our Christmas picture from 12/04 today while packing - Wow! The changes are astonishing and not all good. :) We only had Tracy and Anthony back then. My hair had gone completely straight. Mike and I looked SOOOO much younger, especially our faces. But then there are the deeper things; things like we've moved since then and our how outlook on life has changed. Our dreams are so large anymore - they aren't just the happy family, but Kingdom family now. As I look back and reminisce, I'm glad I didn't know what the future would hold for me then. I wouldn't have believed it. But then that also gives me courage because I realize that I will look back in another 5-10 years and also be astonished with the changes and because it is life there will be good changes and also bad ones. (The few white hairs I've developed lately might be the bad thing in a few years.) Overall, I'm glad we've made the choices that we have. I'm glad that we've taken the steps that we have. I'm glad that we are now a family of six. I'm glad that the journey isn't over and I will continue to look forward to what lies ahead.

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