Saturday, January 29, 2011

Do you believe in miracles?

Well if you don't you soon will as you read our blog! :) I had spent some time with the Lord today praying that He would provide for us. He says in His word that He takes care of the sparrow who doesn't sow or harvest so why won't He take care of us. And so I reminded the Lord of His promise and just prayed that all of our bills would some how be provided for. I felt an immense sense of peace when I was finished praying - almost as if the Lord said it is done! Mike just brought in our mail and there was a check in it that will provide for all of our missed bills from the past 2 months - and it was a totally unexpected gift from someone! That is what I call a miracle and I pray that faith will rise up in you as you read this believing for things you've asked for. And for those who don't believe in the Lord I hope that this will cause you to question your beliefs. I serve a Great God who is awesome!

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