Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lazy Day

So it is Saturday, which for the kids means watch TV, no schoolwork, keep your jammies on, etc... For me it sometimes means doing some things left undone from the week or who knows what else. Today though the kids all slept in and so I snuck downstairs and started scrapping. I made one layout and finished a few that needed some touches here and there. So happy! Here is the one I made today:
These are just pictures I had from Vinny's birth that I really liked but hadn't done anything with yet. It's hard to believe that another little one will be joining our family so soon. 5 weeks and counting! Up until this point I haven't thought much about that fact as things are just so busy and stressful. But now I find myself so eager to meet this new little one. I wonder how everyone will adjust to another especially Vinny. Vinny I am sure will love the new baby, definitely need an eye on him at all times b/c who knows what he might do to the baby and somehow I hope I can still keep an arm open to snuggle my big boy.

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