Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Miracles are happening!

So almost 2 weeks ago now I had a dr appt and as the dr listened to the heartbeat it was evident even to my ears there was a problem. I ended up in the hospital that evening as they did another ultrasound and monitored the baby's heartbeat on the big monitor. The baby had developed an irregular heartbeat called an arithma. The next day I saw a pediatric cardiologist and they determined that the heart was fine but still would have an irregular heartbeat.
Today I had another dr's appt. As my dr listened for the heartbeat the only sound you could hear was a steady regular beat. She listened for quite some time waiting for an irregular beat and she finally gave up. Baby's heartbeat is completely regular there is no trace of the arithma left! That is what happens when you pray and have others pray - MIRACLES! I can't wait to meet our #5 baby - a little boy - as of yet nameless b/c we can't think of a good italian boy name. Any ideas anyone???

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