Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Silent Night

So I have been absent for awhile b/c we've been experiencing some Silent Nights here. This is a layout I created to document some of my thoughts right now.
Right now it is so dark and murky - everything is silent, not a whisper. Hope has become buried in the darkness of the night. Despair and depression hover nearby ready to bury all in the darkness. And yet, there is a faint glimmer of light, candles flickering in the windows. A warm breathing hope alive, yet still, beckoning with words of hope. A journey of faith is ensuing; there are many dark nights, but oy comes in the morning. There have been many dark nights over the thoughsands of years that people have been on earth and yet there is always a call to continue to hope, to persevere, and to believe. So right now, as the night seems so dark my eyes are drawn to the flickering lights; faint yet steady with hope. Because of a silent night over 2000 years ago I can believe in a dream, a miracle; as esus came into this earth to bring redemption I also have hope.
The house is officially on the market and now we wait. Last Thursday, we had a little scare with baby as the heartbeat was irregular. After some time in the hospital and more ultrasounds with a pediatric heart specialist baby has been diagnosed with arithma - a seemingly harmless heart issue that should go away by birth. Very thankful for that, but I'm just weary from the whole experience.
This week seems pretty tame as everyone is inside freezing as the winds are horrendous right now and it snows here and there in blizzard style.

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