Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home again

And now we are 7! Giovanni and I came home yesterday about noon to a house full of excited kids. Tracy had planned a party and I had planned a nap, needless to say yesterday was a blur - almost made me want to run back to my hospital room and peace and quiet. Mike was supposed to stay home today, but reality calls and so he headed off to work this am. He was able to wait until I could get downstairs which helped. The day went pretty well - laundry, school, and dinner - all done barely; course I almost set the smoke alarms off when I forgot that I had put some oatmeal on the stove for some lunch. Needless to say, the house stinks and is a mess now! :( Oh well, tomorrow is a baby dr appt and then I am hoping Mike can take care of getting the house back in order for me to maintain next week.
So I did get a chance to load the pictures off the camera and so I'd like to introduce you to Giovanni Michael Antenucci - Gino for short! He has decided he is quite happy to nurse, nap in his playpen even though the world sounds like it is going to fall apart on the other side of the mesh, and sleep cuddled in Mommy's arms some of the night.


  1. He's so cute! What a heart breaker he's gonna be! And you look amazing! Such a fabulous family!!

  2. so happy for you guys! Thanks for telling me about your blog!