Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wise one

That's what I am thinking of this new little bundle with the big name plate. He looks so wise and I wonder... What message is he bringing to Mommy and Daddy? Giovanni means "God's gracious gift" and I can't help wondering in this gift, this miracle that we've been sent went should we learn/hear from the Lord? I've never had such an intense feeling like I do this time about the wonders that are hiding right behind those fluttering eyelids and when those clear little blue eyes stare at you... I am continually amazed by the goodness of the Lord to my family and I - 5 healthy children that just adore one another (most of the time), a Mommy and Daddy that just enjoyed some time alone for the past 2 days and are such good intimate friends, a church that has just completely made me feel loved and cherished with such good friendships beginning to blossom. Yes, I have concerns and our family is facing probably the most intense struggle of ever, but as I begin to think about His mercies which are new every morning my struggles seem so small and insignificant compared to my God's greatness. My only concern that remains is praising the Lord because He is good to me!

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