Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow days again???

I thought the April started at the end of the week, so why are we having snow days once again??? Yesterday, church was cancelled due to ice and today we've had snow since early am, but now we just have mush. Since we had an unscheduled free day I was able to work on a challenge that I've been eyeing up.
Here is the collage that we were given - my eyes caught the blue, small square pictures, happy concept, flowers and black and from this I made...
I wrote about how I really like Dr. Pepper; my husband read it and gave me a hard time all day about having found a new love and replacing him! :) I kept explaining that I just wrote what came into my head, then he complained that I never wrote a poem for him. But, I just remembered that I did back when we first started dating, wonder if I can find that somewhere??? Anyway, I enjoyed the challenge and the time to scrap.

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  1. Very cute page. Love it! Did you use bubble wrap to make the blue dots? Glad it made you and your husband share a silly moment together. Hope you find that poem. Thanks for playing along with the nerdy girls!