Friday, April 8, 2011

Made it to Friday!

So I made it through the week - successfully? Yes and no. I'm feeling quite worn out and so frustrated right now b/c I just can't seem to accomplish everything I used to. Nothing went wrong, but everything takes so long nowdays. Monday I was able to go to my church's women's get together which was nice. Tuesday was kid's night at Macadoos - we visited Radford this time and they actually have tables big enough for all of us without a huge wait! :) Wednesday brought a ruined dinner and emotions flaring. Thursday I decided to try going to worship practice - poor Gino was in shock with all of the noise so we might need to try something else. And now Friday, I really just wanted to take a break but unfortunately school needed to be finished up for the week and Tracy finished 3rd grade which meant I needed to finish up the paperwork. Here is a layout I created using my March Scrapbook Circle kit, some Prima goodies and Jenni Bowlin; it was based on a sketch from Citrus Tree Studio. I wrote about all of my questions that are plaguing me right now and how would I ever regain my balance as a mother of 5. The layout came together so quickly and really is a snapshot of how I am feeling today - hopefully I will look back soon and see that I have progressed.
Here is my first girl made from the She Art Workshop I just took with Christy Tomlinson. What a wonderful workshop and I learned so much! I'm so glad that I signed up for it even though my girl has some issues that need dealing with. :) but as it says she is content! I didn't realize how small her head and legs were, or how big her body is until I had finished the canvas and set it out with my projects. Oh well, better luck next time and I am quite thrilled with the background and the overall idea. Well lunchtime is done and I have 9 more minutes to get things finished up before bedtime and my time with the Lord so I had better say good-bye for now. I have tons of scrappy plans for the weekend with Citrus Tree Studio so maybe I'll be back.

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