Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Friday

It's hard to believe that it has only been a week since I was here last - it feels like forever!!! But, I made it again so success. This week I was able to keep up with schoolwork, choose Tracy's curriculum for next year, clean the house, cooked meals, created some and even went to get groceries today. So I ventured out with the kids to get groceries - I wanted to prove to myself and Mike that I was back together and I could handle things (I didn't really think so myself, but I can pretend). So we left the house by 9:20 as I had planned, we made it to Walmart and got inside without any mishaps. We did quite well to tell you the truth, it sure helped that we went to the less popular Walmart so not many people were around. Can you imagine a double stroller of kids with Tracy pushing, 1 in the cart and a mommy trying to get the stuff on our list, Anthony was in charge of keeping a running total so we didn't go over our budget - I think we made quite a stir! :) But we did it! Will I try again, I would rather not b/c it was tiring, but I guess I'm going to have to. Last weekend I played along with Citrus Tree Studio's crop and created a few things these were made with my April Scrapbook Circle kit which I love. Here is a layout that required blue, red/rust, brown, and a feather! Yep, I got a feather on there and I think it looks quite nice even. This was my brother and I playing together outside of our house in Newport - we loved sitting on top of the dog house! Good memories. This was made from some Melissa Frances products that I tend to hoard! This is a new layout of all 5 births (I had made one at 3 never thinking there would be more babies!)

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