Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gino Beano

Isn't this picture of Gino gorgeous??? I'm thinking this is the one I will order for us. Main Street Photography took these for us and I was so thrilled to finally get some of those cute baby pictures - it only took 5 kids!

This morning was really stormy, but now it is beautiful out (and a little cold). I spent quite a lot of the day trying to get the internet working on our desktop and I think I finally got it. The internet explorer software, I guess had gotten to old to work with our internet provider so did a little upgrade and it is working, somewhat. Still has a few bugs, but I'm tired of working on it.

Talking about bugs, can anyone help me with my blog? When I type my entries there are no weird spaces, but when I publish the post it goes all haywire. I've tried to go back and edit, but not much luck. I'd appreciate any ideas! Thanks

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