Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seek and you will find

This is a layout I made for a challenge at Memorable Seasons - we were supposed to be green and that got me thinking. Then I remembered the stuff I had just pulled out of my washer that my son had filled his pockets with, ahah! Instead of just making a neat layout though I also wanted to encourage my son to not only seek his (junk) treasure, but to also seek after the Lord. It really reminded me that we might think we are actively following the Lord, but have you really sought the Lord as a little boy seeks treasures? I know that I haven't been lately, I have gotten so tired with all the things that are going on that I've taken a here I am approach. How desperate are you for the Lord? What promises are you waiting on? The promises haven't changed at all, the call hasn't changed, but maybe just maybe you have grown weary. I know it is hard when you are tired physically and spiritually, but begin to thank the Lord for all He has done for you. As you meditate on His goodness, faith will begin to rise up in you and empower you to go on again. I promise, if you seek you will FIND!

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