Saturday, September 10, 2011

Challenge Time!

Today is challenge day at Citrus Tree Studio and my challenge is to mist.  I know not much of a surprise seeing I adore my mists!  I love Tattered Angels mists and have the most of these - I love the glimmer that is in each bottle.  I just was able to get some of the October Afternoon mists - they aren't glimmery which is something I miss.  Maya Road mists are really nice - love the color and the control of these, but again the glimmery is missing.  Now my favorite of all is my Sunflower Perfect Pearls mist by Ranger - but I only have one of those.

The biggest things that I have found in misting are
  1.  Roll your bottle between your hands (like you were starting a fire with sticks) this doesn't give you the air bubbles that shaking does.
  2.  A pizza box type works great for misting because it helps to keep the mist in a controlled area.
  3.  If you hold the bottle still you get a concentrated area, but if you move as you spritz you get a finer mist.
  4.  If you push the sprayer in just a little you will get more droplets.
  5.  Just go for it - it is fun, but definitely not perfect!

Here are some steps that I took in making my layout.

This last picture is the critical step - find something magnetic and tack down your paper for awhile (overnight) this will straighten your paper very nicely.

Here is my layout that I created...
Materials used:  September Citrus Tree Studio kit, Tattered Angels mist

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  1. Wendy I love your misting tutorial!!! I didn't do my misting that way, I'll have to try it your way its easier than mine!! LOL.

    By the way, Scrapbook Circle is having their design team call, it just got posted on their blog!