Saturday, September 17, 2011


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Today marks one year.
Published in SNR
Materials Used:  Studio Calico, American Crafts, Martha Stewart
Journaling:  You are a miracle. One year ago today life changed for you and for us. One year ago today your very life hung in the balance. One year ago today my world began to unravel with a few words; your son has Type I Diabetes. I remember holding my son as he struggled to draw breath and hearing the doctor’s words. I remember thinking, “Oh thank the Lord, he doesn’t have to have surgery. What in the heck is diabetes? Where did that come from?” Within a few minutes my son was hooked up to all sorts of machines and we were in an ambulance heading for the Pediatric ICU in another hospital where we would spend the next week.

I have given more than 1460 shots this past year – surprising because I used to get queasy at the sight of a shot and blood. I have learned to calculate his carbs and blood sugars to figure out how much medicine to give him. I have learned to watch him like a hawk to see how he is responding to his medicine.

I have spent many moments crying at the frustration of this disease. I have spent countless nights fearful that he might not wake up in the morning because I gave him too much medicine. I’ve worried over where the money would come from to pay for his medicines.

And yet, I hold a miracle in my hands each and every day when I hold my son because he is healthy and lives a full life. He has survived the year and we will continue to push on and learn to deal with each new discovery about this disease. Even more than these things I will continue to believe for his complete healing – yes, complete. So many people laugh at this statement, but you see I serve the Creator of heaven and earth, the Lord God Almighty and He promises in His word that we are healed. So even though the year has been hard and so full of emotion I stand on the promises of my God that my son is healed. One day all will rejoice as I document my son’s miraculous healing!


  1. What a beautiful layout and story. I too am a firm believer and follower of our Almighty God and he can and does heal. Bless you and your obviously sweet precious boy.

  2. Absolutely beautiful...Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful layout and God glorifying story! Love scrapping from the heart!