Monday, December 5, 2011

More Christmas goodies!

My hubby and I hosted our worship team's Christmas party again this year - one of the activites that we do is hold a gift exchange.  Again, it was tons of fun - so much so that there are actually facebook movies and youtube movies of some of the presents being exchanged!  See even church people can have tons of fun!  :) LOL

So I sent my hubby to get a guy gift and I made mine for a girl - needless to say his was a gag gift, but mine turned out really well (or I think so)!

Of course I did forget to take a picture of it before it left the house so I had to ask the family who took it home to take a picture of it for me, thanks!

I was so pleased with it that I headed out to Michael's the next day and found the colors I wanted to use for our house - now to finish washing all those party dishes so I can go create!

Don't forget that Scrapping Everyday Miracles is issuing a new challenge today and you have until December 10th to link up your inspiration to win a wonderful prize!


  1. I really like that wreath! It reminds me of the ones my mom makes. Lovely!