Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Some exciting news!!!

Just found this today, my layout about 2011 was posted here!  :)

I have been asked to join the Design Team at Memorable Seasons!

I have another publication with SNR that starts Sunday!


Now, on to some New Year's type things - organization!  Yep, I love to organize and get totally frustrated when I can't keep things in order.  Now you know that might be a problem with all of our kiddos running around.  For the most part they do a good job cleaning up, but there is still clutter.  Now my scrap room is barricaded from the little guys so it is only my mess in there (yep, it is a mess right now).  Here are some of my answers to the organization challenges that scrapbooking can bring...

I sort my embellishments by color in sterlite containers - love this method b/c I can just go to the color that I am looking for and there is everything I need.

Here is my Cricut area - My hubby made this for me so there is an opening for the paper to roll down the wall and not get stuck.  I store theme papers in the rolling sterlite containers underneath.

And my sewing area!  Love having my sewing machine ready for use at any time.  Again, the counter doesn't go all the way back to the wall so there is room for extra.  Under this counter I store my favorite brands in the rolling carts, sewing supplies, and my Stampington magazines.

This is probably my best trick - I bought these containers from Target for my Thickers.  It holds tons and fits them perfectly.  Course I have managed to stuff 2 of these containers so I am thinking I might need to do a giveaway soon!  :)


  1. Congrats on all the good news!! Love the new workspace!

  2. Love your organization ideas, Wendy! Thanks so much for playing along at Burlap & Buttercups ... and CONGRATS!! So many exciting things to add to your scrappy resume! :)

  3. congrats on all counts Wendy, that's a boatload of fun stuff for one day.

  4. Oh Wendy - this is great! Thanks for giving me this link!