Friday, September 7, 2012

Loving some Lily Bee!

Check this one out, that's me, my layout was picked for the Lily Bee August Designer's Challenge!

Since I am here, I thought I might share a few flower projects I made awhile ago...

As you can see my hot glue gun and I have a LOVE relationship.  My grandmother used to do flower arrangements, mostly real flowers but fake also.  I never understood (or really cared about) her love of what she did with flowers, but I have found that I must have inherited that gene because I love playing with flowers!  Who would have ever imagined?  I still do not have any kind of relationship with the outside kind, but if I can hot glue it then I am loving it!


  1. Just saw your win post over at Lily Bee, and wanted to say Congrats!

  2. I am just catching up with my blogger from late last week! WOW - it's been hectic. Love your Lily Bee creations Wendy!