Monday, December 3, 2012

Recycling Bella Style!

That's not something you've heard here at this blog before, huh!  I have a habit of throwing most everything away, I really DON'T like clutter, but I do keep all kinds of things that have memories attached, but everything needs to be put in its place for me to be happy.

Now my daughter on the other hand, seems to thrive in a junky, messy environment and she thinks she can make something out of every piece of trash we throw away.  Normally this drives me nuts, but this time she had a really, really good idea.

So with a few elegant twists, here is my daughter's brainstorm that I lifted to make a Christmas tree...

Yep, it is an air freshener as the base of this tree!  How is that for recycling?  LOL

My next recycling project started as a donut box - I loved the little window and thought it would be great to hold cookies/cupcakes/or even ornaments...

This might be my favorite ornament I have ever made, (other than my twine ones last year).  This started as a toilet paper roll that I covered with patterned paper and cut approximately 1/2" slices of the roll.  With some hot glue, stickles and Bella Designer Tape this is what it was transformed into...
Thanks so much for stopping by.  You can see more Bella Christmas projects on the Bella blog.  See you tomorrow for some Memorable Season projects.


  1. You daughter is kind of a genius! I'm so impressed by that tree!

  2. just beautiful! definitely projects that I will try at home..x