Thursday, October 24, 2013

Manufacturer Design Teams, The Inside Story (Day 2)

So now what happens when you receive your first congratulations - is it worth it?  YES!  First you scream and call your hubby and try to explain why you are so excited.  Then you send back a calm and composed e-mail thanking the company for the opportunity along with all the paperwork they request.  Next comes filling in that calender with all of the dates that you are now responsible for.  Then the panic sets in because you start thinking maybe I'm not good enough.  :)  Yep, even people on design teams still feel this way.  Oh and when the mail carrier rings your doorbell with your first ever box of goodies you drop everything to tear open the box and pour everything out and just look on in amazement!

Then the work begins...
1.  Creating...You usually are required to create two to four layouts each month depending on the teams.  You have specific guidelines for each layout that is created which I find to be a really fun way to challenge myself and push myself not to just create any old page, but a page that makes people sit up and say cool!

2.  Paperwork...One thing I do struggle with is writing down everything I use on a page!  I finally learned to keep a pencil and that team's calender beside me when I create so that I can write down all the products included on a page.  I also keep Fridays set aside to do computer work - which includes editing my pictures, doing write-ups, loading my layouts to my galleries, and whatever else needs to be done for the week coming.  I have also started writing up my blog posts for the week so that my blog stays active.

3.  Teamwork...The biggest thing to remember is you are a part of a team now and only teams that work together can survive.  So, visit your team member's blogs and leave some love.  Promote your company in their different endeavors.  Submit to magazines to get your company's name out there.  And continue to grow in your skills so that you remain an asset to the company that gave you your big chance.  They deserve it!

These are only my thoughts on Manufacturer DTs - so far I have been blessed to work with Bella Blvd and Pebbles, both amazing teams to work for, and yes both of these teams were on my whiteboard!  Thank you for joining me and if you have any questions feel free to comment and I will answer them as best as I can.

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