Saturday, December 7, 2013

Today's Messy Moments - Chic Tags

I have been joining Corrie Jones each month with documenting who I am.  I have found that each time I have a child, it takes me some time to come to grip with my new reality.  Each month I have been able to objectively look at the good and bad and realize I'm okay!

When I saw this paper from Chic Tags I knew I had to have it.  It wasn't my normal but I loved the bright colors and wanted to see if I could work with it.  I chose to use triangles and circles to show the continuous motion my life is - some things are going away, some are just starting, and some are continuous (Can anyone say feeding 6 kids and laundry, lol!).  The feathers were a way for me to show that I am feeling like I am being blown around, that my course isn't really under my control, but blown by a bigger source (Thank you Jesus that I am not in control and you are!).  I scattered my journaling as my brain is quite scattered lately and I didn't want the layout to see too rigid if I put it beside my picture.  I think it is so freeing that I can put a picture of me in hot pink on an yellow/orange/teal layout and not flip!  I have learned to enjoy scrapping and go where my creativity takes me - whether it meets a certain rule or not, I encourage you to try it, it is very freeing!

Thanks for joining me, I will see you Monday with plenty more.


  1. It's a great layout. Love the feather idea.

  2. Love this!! We're featuring you at Paper Issues today.... thanks for linking up!

  3. Beautiful. I just love it. The colors are perfect and I adore the feathers. Thanks for sharing with me!