Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Live it Up - My Mind's Eye and My Scrapbook Kit

I got to go on airboat this past January.  It was so fun, and such an adventure!  It started with where you pay to take the ride, it was in a bar.  Well I have never been in a bar and needless to say I had a bunch of guys surrounding me within seconds, I got right beside my poor brother-in-law after that I stayed right there until we got out of that building!

The ride was super fast and all over due to the wind.  And did you know alligators can jump, and jump really high?  I sure didn't, but once they told me I made sure I moved away from the edge of the boat!

Thanks Uncle Mario for the awesome adventure!

I started with this piece of chipboard to go with my pictures.  And of course everything needs flowers because it was still a girl page about me.

Don't you just love the sign and lock!  Like that was going to keep me safe.

If you look close in the gold circle I somewhat managed to capture a picture of one gator.

My hubby actually stayed home with the kids as there was no way I was going to let them go.

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  1. Love the florals on this layout and that doily looks so good!!