Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Opportunities - Anna Griffin

Years ago I was introduced to scrapbooking when I was pregnant with our second child; I fell in love immediately.  I have always loved paper/pens/pencils/office supplies and then add to it pictures of our new little girl, I was in heaven.  I began to pray that the Lord would make me creative and as I have said before, the journey has blown my mind!  

I have been so blessed to have been on design teams for challenge blogs, kit clubs, and manufactures.  I have been published online and in print magazines.  I have done a podcast.  And now...

I have had my work on HSN with Anna Griffin!  Yep, I received an e-mail a little bit ago asking if I would like to create for them.  At first I was a little surprised, actually a lot surprised because I don't really consider my work to be her style, but I thought it would be fun to give it a try.  If you follow me on instagram, you got to see a picture or two of my cards on TV.  So today I thought I would show you one of my assignments that I did.  I can't wait to hear what you think!

So let's start with my favorite layout I created, this was an assignment to use the border stickers sold here...

I tried to replicate the Eiffel tower with the borders in this layout.

And of course a baby, because that is what I am most used to scrapping.

And I created a few cards too...

There were many different things to consider as I designed for Anna Griffin, one being, you don't use pictures of your own.  My kids kept asking who are those people, mom?  

I was actually surprised how easy it was to create with materials that aren't my normal.  I enjoy a challenge and I really think it helped shake up my normal scrapbooking and give me a new wind.  
So what do you think, did I do Anna Griffin justice?  

Thanks to all my readers for taking the time to comment and let me know you are here, I love reading all the comments!  I have contacted the winners of the Pebbles giveaway and will have your boxes out this week. 


  1. These projects are so beautiful and elegant! Hooray for new opportunities, congratulations!

  2. What an honor!!! these are beautiful!

  3. So deserving and beautiful Wendy! Love the layouts and the cards. Anna Griffin has some beautiful products and you used them wonderfully

  4. That is so cool Wendy!! Love what you said about it shaking up your normal style. You rocked it! Congrats!!

  5. Congrats Wendy! I did see your project on air and they were/are elegant and beautiful.

  6. I am beyond impressed at your versatility as a scrapbooker and card maker! When I saw on FB that you are now designing for Anna Griffin, I thought, "I LOVE Wendy's style, but....with Anna Griffin products??" Anna's products are beautiful, but they are so much more formal than your usual fare. Yet you have done an amazing job with the lovely and elegant layouts and cards featured here! Congratulations!

  7. Wendy - I absolutely am in awe!! You completely and totally did Anna Griffin products justice!! Wow - what elegance is that Eiffel Tower layout - completely and totally EXQUISITE!!! Yes you are extremely versatile and you have most definitely been blessed with creativity and style and chic!! Thanks for showing that we don't have to always create in the same style!! I am grateful to you for your awesomeness!!