Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another restful day

Well today brought a 2hr delay (not sure what for), but again I took full advantage of it. I actually took the day off - told my students to do the reviews and we will go over them tomorrow. The boys stayed home and were a little wild, but Bug went to school for the whole day. I'm ready to venture out again tomorrow, although I don't think I have a choice - weather wise. I finished up my 3rd Christmas layout today and it really turned out great. I also finished a project from the past Scrap Etc. Paid bills, straightened out an insurance issue, finished making the tests for my classes and made dinner. Quite a day for me! Hopefully tonight will be a restful night and Marc will sleep straight through. I am really missing my soft king bed at this point - between Marc, small bed, no fan to keep me cool, and a hard matress, nighttime is my least favorite time of the day. Nothing really special today, I actually didn't even take a picture of today - it was just an everyday so I will use a picture of what everyday things we use. Maybe tomorrow will have more sparkle although I'm fine with a few days of calm!

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