Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A "Snowy" Day

Actually, there was no snow to be seen, or even ice, but we managed a day off. Every school in the area was closed due to the possible snow/ice, but instead it was about 38 and rained. Tomorrow morning might be a delay if it gets cold tonight, but that was the extent of our winter weather. I did really enjoy the day off, so thank you! I enjoyed scrapping today and completed two Christmas layouts from this year! No I am not that caught up, but nothing else was catching my fancy. I've got one more laid out so hopefully I can finish it tomorrow some time. We enjoyed another family night b/c worship practice was cancelled. We made homemade pizzas (kids actually ate everything) and watched a little of Mrs. Doubtfire. After watching RV last night this wasn't as much of a hit, but at least we were together. I am quite pleased having made 2 dinners in a row and dessert both nights. Tonight was muddy buddies for Bruiser - enjoy! My angel food cake with Seven Minute icing from last night is perfect; the icing is just the right firmness yet not as bad as Grammy Browns sheets that would fall off when cutting a piece of cake. I am feeling quite tired after being on my feet all day, so I am going to try to finish folding 1 load of laundry and then head to bed. Maybe we will be a little late tomorrow so I can sleep a little more.

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